Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Mailing address

Our mailing address is:

Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
PO Box 80224
Baton Rouge, LA 70898

Donations may be sent by mail to this address. Please make checks out to "RSGSR"

We do not have a shelter where it is possible to come visit us. All of our dogs live in private foster homes.

Volunteering, Adopting, or Information about the Adoption Process
[Orion GSD]

If you are interested in adopting a rescued German Shepherd Dog, or volunteering to help save more of them, please send us a message We'd love to hear from you.

Complaints about Stray Dogs/Requests for Help Catching Loose Dogs

If there's a stray you would like picked up in East Baton Rouge Parish, please call Animal Control at (225) 774-7700. The dog will be transported to the Companion Animal Alliance Shelter, where it will be held for 3-5 days for an owner to come forward. Then it will be eligible for adoption or euthanasia.

Our rescue does not have the resources to track down and pick up dogs on the street. Any requests for us to do so will be directed to Animal Control. If you see a loose dog, in addition to calling animal control, we recommend that you post it to Lost Pets of Baton Rouge

Requests to Rehome "Found" Dogs

Our rescue does not accept dogs found on the street by private parties. Those dogs likely belong to someone. The owners are entitled to reclaim them. The best way for them to do that is by notifying your local parish shelter, putting an ad in a local newspaper, posting flyers in the area where the dog was found, and posting the dog to the Lost Pets Facebook group for your parish:

If you are unable to care for a dog you found on the street while searching for its owner, please contact Animal Control. The owners may be looking for the dog at the public shelter in the community where it was lost. Getting it there may help reunite the dog with a person looking for it.

Rehoming a Dog You No Longer Wish to Care for

Our rescue is not currently accepting dogs from private parties for rehoming. Too many dogs in high-kill shelters need our scarce foster spots. We are focusing all our efforts on saving dogs in high-kill shelters at this time.

If you are willing to foster your own dog while you look for a new home, please consider contacting the East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Shelter's volunteer-run program Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrenders (PASS) at If you plan ahead and give the PASS volunteer several weeks to help you, the program has a great track record of finding wonderful new homes. It's the best way to avoid surrendering your dog to the shelter -- where an uncertain fate awaits it.

If you must relinquish your own dog immediately in East Baton Rouge Parish, contact the Companion Animal Alliance. Please understand that the shelter's "save rate" for getting purebred German Shepherd Dogs adopted is not 100% -- some purebred German Shepherd Dogs have been euthanized recently to make space for other dogs because we could not find them qualified homes quickly enough. Some of these were dogs who had been beloved family pets but could not accompany their families on a move. If you relinquish your dog to a public shelter, please understand that your dog may be euthanized. Even if it is adopted eventually, most German Shepherd Dogs grieve for their families and become depressed -- often not eating, and becoming vulnerable to illness. Shelter environments are stressful for this breed, as these dogs tend to love their owners deeply and are very loyal. Please do not surrender your dog lightly!

If you choose to rehome your dog on your own, please spay and neuter it before rehoming it! There are many unscrupulous "puppy millers" looking for intact purebred dogs to breed over and over for profit (and then dump it when the dog stops producing puppies). Please ask a reasonable rehoming fee to ensure your dog isn't targeted by dog fighters looking for bait dogs, or handlers who sell dogs to laboratories to used for painful experiments. Do a home check, and check vet references!