Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our dogs. This application is the first step in an adoption process that may lead to a new best friend becoming part of your life!

Each application is carefully evaluated to ensure the best match possible for each dog and each adopter. We try to understand all that a home might offer, based on all of the information in the application, interview, references, and home visit. Adoptions applications are approved or denied solely at the discretion of our board of directors.

After you fill out and submit this online application, one of our adoption counselors will follow up to talk about your application and take the next steps to adopting your dog. If you have not heard from us within 3 days, please send us an email to check whether we received your application.

Starting December 1, 2015, applicants who live outside of the East Baton Rouge, West Baton Rouge, Livingston, Ascension, and Iberville parishes, will be charged a $25 fee to complete the home check. This fee is payable via paypal when the home check is scheduled. This fee covers volunteer gas costs to drive from Baton Rouge.

We also have a printable adoption application if you would prefer to fill it out by hand and mail it to us at

PO BOX 80224
Baton Rouge, LA 70898

Personal Information
Your name:
Your age:
You must be 21 years or older to adopt
Phone (cell):
Phone (home):
How Long:
Employer Phone:
May we contact your employer?

Name of dog(s) you are applying for:
Would you consider adopting a dog with special needs (blind, deaf, extreme shyness, physically impaired)?

Do you have a fenced yard?

Type of fence:
Height of fence:
Type of gate:
Number of gates:
Is the gate locked?

Are there any gaps in the fencing, in the covering of the home's crawlspace, or other holes through which a dog might escape?

Can children or service people (e.g., meter readers) open the gate(s)?

Do you have a secure dog run?

What size is the dog run:
Does the dog run have a partial or complete roof?

Will you tie or tether the dog outside?

What improvements, if necessary, will you make to secure your yard and when will you complete them:

Which of the following best describes your current residence?

Own House
Rent House
Own townhouse or condo
Rent townhouse, condor, or apartment
If you rent or lease, please provide your landlord's name, phone and email address so that we may verify permission to have this breed on the premises:

Have you owned a German Shepherd or any other breed of dog before? If so, please provide a brief history:

If the dog is no longer with you, what happened to it:

Do you currently have any animals in your home?

If yes, please list them all and describe where they live in your home (inside, outside, etc). Include the type of animal (Dog/Cat/Bird/etc.), breed, age, sex, whether spayed/neutered/intact, and where kept:

Residents and visitors
Who will have primary responsibility to care for the dog:
Please list all of the people who current live in your home. Include names, relation to you, and ages:

Please list any children (step-children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, friends' children) who visit on a regular basis, and provide their ages:

Do friends, relatives, and children have access to your home, property, and car without your supervision?

Are you willing to instruct your children and other people that visit your home frequently on the proper handling and care of German Shepherd Dogs?

Are you aware that a German Shepherd Dog is a large, strong dog, and it may jump up and known down children and/or the elderly?

Vet care
Is there a veterinarian that you use now or have used in the past?

If yes, please provide the vet's name, address, phone:

Name of pet treated by this vet:
What heartworm preventative will you use:
How often will you administer this treatment:
What flea control methods will you use:
What kind of food are you planning to feed the dog:
Why a GSD?
What is it about German Shepherd Dogs that interests you:

What other breeds, if any, have you considered:
What are the 3 most important characteristics that you would like to see in your new German Shepherd Dog?

How do you plan to correct or discipline the dog:

To facilitate the bonding process, we recommend that every new German Shepherd Dog undergo some introductory obedience training. Would you be willing to commit to taking your German Shepherd Dog through an obedience training class?

If yes, please identify the trainer, training method, club, or training program you plan to use (or let us know whether you would like us to recommend one):
If you have already identified a trainer or program, what is it that you like about this trainer, training method, or training program:
Have you previously trained a dog through a professional trainer or obedience club?

If yes, please provide contact information for the trainer or obedience club:

What books have you read on dog training:
Socialization and exercise
It is important for German Shepherd rescue dogs to be well socialized. Are you willing to continue to keep the dog well socialized with people as well as other dogs, and take the dog to group activities to enhance their social skills?

If yes, what group activities do you plan to use to enhance the dog's social skills:
How often do you plan to do each of these activities:
How do you plan to exercise your dog, and how often:
Are you a jogger?

How many miles do you jog each day:
Do you have a pool?

Is the pool fenced?

Do you plan to allow the dog to swim?

Home Life
Approximately how many hours each day will your dog be alone:
How will your dog be confined when left home alone:
Will the dog be kept primarily indoors or outdoors:
Where will the dog sleep at night:
Are you willing to use a crate for the dog if it is necessary?

If yes, are you familiar with how to crate train the dog?

Who will care for the dog when you are on vacation:
If you must move, what will you do with the dog:
Has anyone in your household ever been involved in or charged with a crime involving animal abuse or had an animal impounded by animal control?

Has anyone in your household ever rehomed a pet, surrendered a pet to animal control, or surrendered a pet to another animal rescue organization?

If yes, explain:

What circumstances would cause you to give up your dog?

Destructive (digging, chewing on furniture, etc.)
Excessive barking
Not housetrained
Financial (loss of job, etc.)
New Baby
Dog Aggressive
Cat Aggressive
Human Aggressive
Does anyone in your family have allergies to dogs?

Have you and your family discussed the pros and cons of owning a German Shepherd?

Is everyone in your family enthusiastic about getting a German Shepherd?

Have you considered the long commitment of time and financial resources for dog ownership?

How much do you plan to spend each month for the care of a German Shepherd Dog (include food, toys, training, vet care, heartworm/flea preventative, etc):
How will you transport the dog:
If you have a truck, where will the dog ride in it:
Please list two references - at least one must be someone not related to you
Reference #1:

Reference #2:

Is there anything else you feel we should know:

Do you agree that by applying to adopt a dog, you are granting us permission to contact your references, vet, and landlord (if applicable) to inquire about your suitability as an adopter?