Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Name: Elijah
ID: #202301

Sex: M
Age: 4-5 months
Heartworm: Too young to test
Adoption Fee: $500

Introducing Elijah! He’s 4-5 months old, and he’s simply awesome. After being hit by a car on the streets of NOLA and abandoned, we got him the surgery he needed. He’s now healed up and ready for adoption. The compound fracture in his leg is now healed and thanks to surgery by super-star vet Dr. Kristen, he will have normal use of his leg and is expected to grow normally. He’s been described as a “people pleaser” and “super smart.” He needs a job — and training. ALL GSD puppies require a lot of time and training. They chew stuff up. They get into stuff. They’re mouthy, and they’re often frustrating little stinkers. The smarter they are, the more demanding they are of owners. That’s why we prefer breed experience and a trainer reference for puppy adopters (and we generally don’t place them in homes with small kids because of the mouthiness). We usually get quite a few apps for any puppy that passes through the rescue, so we look for the best possible match. If you’re a up for the challenge of a fabulous puppy AND thing you could challenge his brain power, please fill out an app on our website.

A completed adoption application, with vet and personal references, and a home check are required to adopt Elijah. If you are interested in adopting Elijah, please fill out an adoption application. All adoptions are approved solely at the discretion of the RSGSR board of directors.

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