Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: Apr 4, 2020
Name: Kate
ID: #202002

Sex: F
Age: 5 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Kate is a lovely adult female German Shepherd Dog. We estimate that she's around 5 years old. She weighs around 65-70 pounds.

Kate is a fairly low-energy dog. She's easy to live with -- in her foster home, she's already got very good house manners. She is crate-trained (and she's used to being kenneled during the work day). She is also house-trained, and happily does her "business" in the backyard.

She has been good with the dog-savvy, older kids in her foster home. We think young kids would be too much for her though. She appreciates low-key, easy-going energy in the home.

She gets along with other dogs her size and even cats in her foster home. (We haven't been able to test her with small dogs, though, so we don't know how she would do with them.)

Kate is shy with new people. She warms up on her own terms, but that means being patient with her to decide when she's ready. She is more trusting of women than men. She would be a great companion for someone with a patient, calm attitude!