Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Name: Fenway
ID: #202018

Sex: M
Age: 2 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)
Adoption Fee: $225

Fenway appears to be a long-coated German Shepherd Dog. This handsome hunk weighs close to a hundred pounds. We estimate that he's around 2 years old.

In his foster home, he's displayed the temperament "trifecta": terrific with other dogs, cats, and older kids! Fenway loves to play ball and would be happy to play all day. He's already house-trained and kennel-trained, and he loves car rides.

Sounds amazing, right? Keep reading!

Despite all his wonderful plushy-goodness, he needs a dog-savvy owner with some training and rehabilitation skills, as he experiences vocal anxiety in new situations. He whines, loudly, on outings. He needs someone to work on building up his self-confidence in new situations through excellent training and counter-conditioning. The person who puts in that work will be rewarded by a great dog!

He's also very protective so his person will need some breed experience reading German Shepherds and redirecting protective instincts when they're not needed. He would be a wonderful companion for someone who wants a protective dog in the house, but we don't want to place him in a home with a lot going on -- tons of kids coming and going, for example or large family gatherings -- as he's just not ready for all that commotion.

Fenway also must find an owner who realizes that in this breed, making dogs fat is terrible for their health -- it puts a strain on their joints and backs. Unfortunately, Fenway's previous home let him get obese, so he's on a vet-ordered weight loss to slowly get him back down to a healthy weight. If you're an owner who expresses love by spoiling a dog with treats, human food, and excess, he's REALLY not for you -- he's already working through a knee issue caused by being "spoiled" by someone who didn't love him enough to keep him healthy. "Spoil" him with playing ball or take him for a walk -- he'll be even happier for it!

Fenway also needs to go to obedience school. Although he's got good house manners, he pulls like a freight train on the leash, so he requires some upper body strength and handling experience while he's learning leash manners.

A completed adoption application, with vet and personal references, and a home check are required to adopt Fenway. If you are interested in adopting Fenway, please fill out an adoption application. All adoptions are approved solely at the discretion of the RSGSR board of directors.

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