Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Name: Monty
ID: #201904

Sex: M
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)
Adoption Fee: $225

Monty is an adult male Belgian Malinois. His vet has guessed that he's around 3 years old, though he has some puppy-like behaviors that make him seem much younger.

The Malinois breed is special -- these dogs are very smart, active, and need an owner with time to devote to training, physical activity, and mental engagement. Malinois dogs are live wires, not couch potatoes! They're bred to work, so they need a "job" even as pets. They really benefit from experienced leadership and excellent, professional training from someone familiar with the breed.

Monty has a lot of energy -- he can go for a jog, play ball, romp, and still be ready for more. He needs an active owner who wants a companion for outdoor fun -- if you are a high-energy person, he's your guy. He's an early riser too, so if you need help waking up to go for a run, he'll keep you hitting your exercise goals.

Monty is a natural protector of his home and person, but he a lovely disposition in his foster home (his vet even described him as her favorite Malinois of all time). He's charming and very charismatic. He's a dog ready to go anywhere with you in public -- he'll walk through dog-friendly stores greeting his fan club like a friendly gentleman. He walks through life making friends.

He is great with older kids and enjoys being around them. He's very mouthy during play and excitement, so we do not think he's suitable for young kids.

Monty is already house-trained and crate-trained. He gets along well with large dogs, but he sometimes tries to be dominant with other dogs over owning toys. (We don't think he should be placed with small dogs. He's likely to chase cats, so he needs a home without kitties too.)

This wonderful super-star of a dog has an important special need: he's a Babesia survivor, and he needs his adopter capable of providing diligent care to make sure he continues to stay healthy. Babesia is a very serious tick-borne disease that not many vets in Louisiana have seen. Our rescue paid for his treatment, and he's made a full recovery. He's in full remission. We can't really call him "cured" though because it lives in him now, and while it might never make him sick again, there will always be a small risk of another flare-up. He needs to be tested again by his vet in Prairieville, LA in June (the rescue will pay for that last test). After that, he's not expected to have any follow-up, unless he gets a flare-up. In case of a flare-up, we need to keep him local to the BR/NOLA area so that he has access to the vet who knows how to treat him -- we thus won't be able to consider applications from outside that area unless the adopter uses a clinic with experience treating Babesia (which many vets, unfortunately, don't have because it's fairly rare in Louisiana).

A completed adoption application, with vet and personal references, and a home check are required to adopt Monty. If you are interested in adopting Monty, please fill out an adoption application. All adoptions are approved solely at the discretion of the RSGSR board of directors.

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