Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 6/20/2019
Name: Mellie
ID: #201908

Sex: F
Age: 3 months
Heartworm: N

Mellie is a beautiful German Shepherd puppy (she's littermates with Lena). We estimate that she was born in late Feb. 2019 -- making her about 3 mo. old.

Mellie is a confident, curious puppy. She seems to be very smart and learns very quickly.

She loves to cuddle with humans and with the adult dog in her foster home. Like all puppies this age, her life revolves around PLAY. She's at an age where she plays rough and tumble games with other dogs and puts her teeth on everything.

Her favorite place to lie is on top of human feet. She's very content to hang out there. She's a great snuggler.

Mellie is curious about cats but has been respectful of a cat who wants to keep her distance -- so far.

She is already crate-trained. She's working on being potty trained, but at this age, it can be a work in progress. Accidents will happen in the house while he's working on potty training -- if that's a problem for you, then please consider a fully house-trained adult dog instead. Puppies have small bladders!

She's not leash trained and has no obedience training whatsoever -- she's a baby!

There will be lots of work for her adopter! Mellie is looking for a home that already has the patience and experience to teach her all the things she needs to know. Successful puppy applicants will have a demonstrated history of success owning and training working breed dogs and/or puppies in the past (including both a good vet reference and a trainer reference).

Before you apply to adopt a puppy, please consider: normal GSD puppies are ALL little stinkers. It's just how they roll. They put sharp, little teeth on everything (and humans are favorite chew toys, because they squeak the loudest). They sometimes tear stuff up because it's fun (the more expensive the stuff, the better it tastes). They can't hold their little bladders, so you might have to get up in the middle of the night and may not have a good night's sleep for months. You might come home from work to find a soiled crate, and when you've had a long, hard day, the puppy will still need attention. They're rambunctious and might not mellow out for at least a couple of years. We generally don't place young, mouthy puppies to be "starter dogs," or in homes with young kids.

If you already know how time-intensive (and exhausting) GSD puppies can be, and you're up for having your shoes and landscaping destroyed, your hands and toes chewed on, and holes put in your favorite pants, and you have the patience, know-how, and time to raise, socialize, and train this breed (and have great references), you're our kind of puppy adopter! We can't guarantee she's purebred, but she looks like it to us (and her mama was). However, what you see is what you get with puppies--there are no pedigrees or promises about what they'll look like when they grow up. She and her littermates were left in a city animal shelter as babies, so we don't know anything about their prior life before rescue. We've promised that she'll never be left behind again, so adopting is a life-long commitment for 12+ years.