Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 3/16/2019
Name: Joy
ID: #201903

Sex: F
Age: 3 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Joy is an adult, female German Shepherd Dog with a happy-go-lucky personality! Her name reflects her view of life: pure joy.

Our best guess is that she's around 3 years old. She's petite -- at a healthy weight, she'll probably only be about 50 pounds.

She's fun-loving and playful. She loves to play ball, and squeaky toys are one of her favorite things!

Her friendly personality extends to new people and other animals. She's been very good with the other animals in her foster home -- she's been friendly with both large and small, and she is even good with cats! She seems to really enjoy companionship, so we would like to see her placed with another animal friend.

She's a very smart, confident dog. She loves to learn. She's very food-motivated in training, so it's easy to keep her excited about learning. She's already crate-trained, and she seems to be very comfortable relaxing in her special spot.

Joy needs a patient person who enjoys training and is willing to help teach her what's expected. She will be fun to take through an obedience course because she's so enthusiastic about everything she does. She's is still working on learning house manners and house training. She also tends to jump up on people out of excitement (so she might accidentally knock over small kids or elderly people, until she learns more appropriate ways to seek attention). Although her manners are a work in progress, she wants to please her person. She will be a wonderful companion!