Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 8/11/2019
Name: Gracie
ID: #201905

Sex: F
Age: 3-5 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)


Grace is a lovely female German Shepherd Dog. We don't know her age, but she's an adult which means she's likely 3-5 years old, and a healthy weight at right around 65 pounds.

Personality wise, Gracie exerts a lot of puppy-like enthusiasm and energy. She LOVES bonding with her person, and is extremely eager for ALL THE attention. Her willingness-to-please means that she is a JOY to train, and excels in obedience class. However, because she is constantly seeking the attention of her person, she needs a person who can give her the play time and affection she needs. Since she is still learning how to “turn off” play time, she also needs her owner to be patient in continuing to work with her on separation anxiety.

Gracie has really come out of her shell with her foster. She loves to follow her person around the house and is becoming increasingly social in meeting new people. She's learning the world is full of good, kind people she can trust, and she really appreciates that. However, she can be protective of her person and somewhat territorial so she needs to continue her training to help her not develop bad habits.

She's been very good with the kids she's met. Although there are no kids in her foster home, she seems to not mind polite, respectful kids who visited.

Gracie would prefer to be an only dog as she can be quite bossy with other dogs -- and she must go to a home with no cats.

Gracie is already house trained. Like most Shepherds, Gracie isn't interested in being left outside by herself. She's known that life and is over it -- never again. She's happy to do her business outside, and uses a dog door when she wants to go out.

Gracie needs a firm but patient owner with gentle, calm energy to continue showing her the world is a good place. She's really blossoming with that kind of leadership.