Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 3/15/2019
Name: Carmen
ID: #201902

Sex: F
Age: 1-2 years
Heartworm: Y

Carmen is a little dynamo! This young, petite female German Shepherd Dog is estimated to be between 1-2 years old is just over 50 pounds. Although we don't know where she came from, she represents very classic working-line breed traits in her personality.

Although she may be "too much dog" for an inexperienced owner, she's an absolute gem for an owner who knows the breed and wants to do advanced training work to bring out her full potential -- obedience competition, agility, tracking....Carmen is read to "bring it" to the field!

Carmen is extremely intelligent and has a special quality that people who know the breed love to find: unshakeable focus on a task. When her ball comes out, her whole world is about the ball. That's a critical quality often used for advanced training of working dogs. Fetch isn't a just game for a dog like this--it is Very Serious Business.

She's athletic and full of energy. She would be a fantastic partner for an athletic person. She isn't a "couch potato," so she needs an adopter with an active lifestyle. She loves outings and does great in a car, so she's ready for adventure trips!

Carmen is fostered in a multi-dog household with both large and small dogs, but she doesn't really care about other dogs. She's all about her person, and her ball (not other dogs). She also shares the classic female Shepherd trait of preferring to be the only female dog in the house....and believing she is the owner of all toys. She must be managed with other dogs when toys are out, as she can be bossy with other dogs wanting to share them. (We have no information about how she is with cats or human kids, as neither of those live in her foster home.)

She is already house-trained. This dog is looking for an active home that will give her a job and give her something to do with her working drive. It's rare to find dogs in rescue with this kind of focus!