Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 11/12/18
Name: Uschi
ID: #201811

Sex: F
Age: 1 year
Heartworm: N

Uschi is a beautiful, long-coated German Shepherd Dog. She is purebred (from known, AKC-registered lines). She's just 14 months old.

She is playful and confident. She's also very energetic and needs a home that can give her an outlet for that energy. She would be a great running buddy.

She loves to wrestle and play with other sociable dogs her size. Like a typical young GSD, her play-style is "rough and tumble." She's a great play partner for other big dogs that like this style of play, but she could overwhelm more docile dogs. (NO CATS.)

She's a dominant female with a strong will. She represents some of the best traits in the breed for an experienced handler! She's at an age where she's testing boundaries and would benefit from good leadership. She's probably not a dog for a first-time owner, but she's a real gem for someone with some experience who appreciates working with a female with with some "drive."

In her foster home, she's already learned basic house manners and potty-training. She's also kennel-trained in the house. She's ready to start obedience training with her adopter. She doesn't yet have leash manners, a recall, or "call off" command, but she's ready to learn.

Her previous owners reported that she loves kids. In fact, she lost her home because she kept digging under their fence to go play with the neighbor kids. She thus cannot be left outside unattended during the work day. However, she does great in her kennel inside the house.