Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 4/1/2018
Name: Sylvie
ID: #187

Sex: F
Age: 8
Heartworm: No

Sylvie is a sweet, gentle, older German Shepherd female. She's over 7 years old, though we're not sure of her exact age. She doesn't show her age at all -- she looks and acts like a healthy, happy middle aged dog.

She seeks a home where she can be spoiled with affection and enjoy fun activities with her person. Despite being older, she's still fit and active. She loves brisk walks around the neighborhood almost as much as belly rubs. She's a great walking partner and seems to really enjoy the exercise and side-by-side bonding time. She has not displayed any arthritic pain in her foster home, and she's on a maintenance dose of Adequan to ensure excellent, pain-free joint mobility as she ages (and we recommend adopters continue this safe, effective once-a-month treatment) -- regular exercise helps keep middle-aged GSD joints lubricated and moving, just like it does for humans, so we would like to find her someone who will enjoy spending time being active together.

She has been affectionate and friendly with all the people she's met. She especially loves belly rubs and cheerfully will drop to the floor, roll over, and invite a good belly scratch.

Sylvie is very treat motivated, which makes her a joy train. She also appreciates praise. She is loves good leadership, as is typical of this breed.

Despite her love of a daily walk, Sylvie knows how to chill out too. She has an "off switch," and happily turns into a solid couch potato when the time is right.

We would like to place Sylvie as an only dog, where she will be the center of attention and not have to share affection. She might get along well with an older, calmer, more submissive dog, but she is likely to be very choosy about her friends. She is not a "dog park" dog or a dog to be one of many in a multi-dog home -- she's a dog who needs to spend one-on-one time with her person. While we have not seen her around cats in her current foster home, she is reported to have been fine with them in a previous home.

Sylvie would be an amazing companion for a human who feels a little lonely and needs a friend. She has a lot of love left to give, and the person who receives it may experience a "once in a lifetime" bond with a great dog.

She is already leash trained and house trained (and she has excellent house manners in her foster home)