Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 10/20/2018
Name: Sirius
ID: #201807

Sex: M
Age: 2 year
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Meet Sirius, namesake of the Dog Star that is the brightest star in the Summer sky, he sparkles and illuminates the world around him. He is full of joy and love, and he can't wait to share it with people!

Sirius is young -- we think he's only about two years old! Although he's large at 80 pounds, he doesn't really know it yet. He still has a lot of puppy personality left in him (and he may yet get bigger).

Sometimes people wonder if all-black dogs are purebred German Shepherds, and it's important to know that solid black is one of the "classic" coat colors for this breed. Indeed, some of the best-bred German Shepherds in the world have this coloring!

This boy radiates enthusiasm. Whatever you're into, he's ready to be into it with you! He loves to ride in cars, making him a fun companion for outdoor adventures.

He loves other dogs, and he's great with both large and small ones (he lives with a toy-sized dog and several German Shepherds in his foster home, and he's friends with all of them).

He loves to learn, and he's very eager to please (and eager to snuggle -- preferably on your lap). He's ready to be someone's velcro dog, and he's the sort of dog who will bond very deeply with his person. He is extremely intelligent and learns quickly. He's already developing a vocabulary of words, and h e will be a dream to take through an obedience class.

He's already house-trained (with a dog door), and enjoys time in his kennel. He's got nice house manners in his foster home, making him a very easy, wonderful dog to enjoy.

He does have one significant quirk: he's a food-resource guarder with other dogs. This is fairly easy to solve with good training over time, but it does require some extra management in the meantime. Sadly, before we got him, he was left to starve in a backyard when his people moved away without him -- he was a black skeleton when he came to us. He is now at a very healthy weight, but he's still quite worried about food after that ordeal. He doesn't like for dogs to get into his bowl. We thus strongly recommend feeding him in his kennel, where he can feel safe and secure enjoying his meal without being bothered. (PLEASE NOTE: He's never displayed this behavior with people. However, as a policy, we generally do not place dogs with food-guarding behavior in homes with small kids.)