Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Name: Rocco & Lizzy
ID: #201814, #201815

Sex: M & F
Age: 1 year
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)
Adoption Fee: $400 (covers both dogs)

BONDED PAIR -- Rocco and his sister Lizzy are bonded and must be adopted together. (No applications will be considered asking to separate them).

Rocco and Lizzy are affectionate, fun-loving, adolescent German Shepherd Dogs. They're a beautiful pair, around 11 months old (born 1/20/2018). Since they're litter mates, they have never known a world without each other.

They still act like pups, full of curiosity and MISCHIEF. Like all young GSDs, they get into stuff, explore, and do the crazy things puppies do: especially chew! They need an experienced, patient home that can help them learn what's allowed and what's not.

Rocco (the darker-faced dog) is playful, energetic, assertive, rambunctious, and confident. He is eager to please his person. Like any growing youngster, he still has lots of energy and an inquisitiveness that needs to be monitored. He is a smart and athletic dog and would be likely successful in advanced training.

As the leader of his sister, he likes to steal the affection from people and be the star of the show. It’s important to recognize this and share affection with both dogs, as Lizzie is softer in her initiation for affection.

Lizzie (the lighter-faced dog) is affectionate, playful, gentle, kind, tender, and a little bashful. She looks to her brother for leadership and affection, but on her own, she is amazingly sweet and playful.

They love to cuddle and groom each other, and will usually nap in close proximity. When separated, both become a bit anxious, with Lizzie showing a bit more anxiety.

They get along great with the older GSD in the foster home. They also LOVE going to the dog park and socializing with the other dogs. However, they are still learning about proper etiquette, and will team up on other dogs with a high energy level that can be intimidating. They thus need to be monitored and guided in appropriate play. (There are no cats or kids in the foster home, so we have no information on how they do with them.)

They're house-trained and crate-trained. They're learning good leash manners in the foster home. They're already great jogging buddies, and they'd love to be able to continue to get plenty of exercise after adoption.

A completed adoption application, with vet and personal references, and a home check are required to adopt Roccolizzy. If you are interested in adopting Roccolizzy, please fill out an adoption application. All adoptions are approved solely at the discretion of the RSGSR board of directors.

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