Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/28/2018
Name: Klaus
ID: #201817

Sex: M
Age: 3 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Ho-ho-ho! Meet Klaus, our jolly-white-giant! He's a massive 108 pounds of loving goodness. Klaus is about 3 years old.

He has been great with the kids in his foster home. This smart boy learns very quickly and wants to please his person. He already knows "sit" and "shake," but he needs some work on his leash manners.

He's wonderfully affectionate. He loves to snuggle (and he seems to believe he's a lap dog -- a really BIG one). He's a "velcro dog" that wants to be right by his person -- in fact, if his person goes in another room where he can't follow, he'll worry about the person until he knows they're okay -- in other words, he'll be waiting for you on the other side of the bathroom door, just in case you need any "help."

He loves to play with other big dogs -- rough-and-tumble games and tug are lots of fun! (We don't know how he is with small dogs, as there aren't any in the foster home.) He can not go to a home with cats.

Klaus is looking for a gentle person who will help develop his self-esteem. He doesn't have much self-confidence (and will give up his belly instinctively to submit). He needs to be trained with positive methods -- he's much to soft for aversive corrections.

Klaus likes to "talk," so if you're looking for a "quiet" dog, he's probably not it--he has a lot to say, especially when he's outside romping. He will quiet down when he comes in though. He's already house-trained and crate trained.