Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 10/8/2018
Name: Cooper2
ID: #201806

Sex: M
Age: 2
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

If you like big dogs, they don't come any bigger than Cooper II. He's a massive 140-pound giant, at a healthy weight. We think he's under 2 years old, so it's possible he might get a bit bigger yet (though he's probably got his full height).

He's a German Shepherd Dog crossed with a....dinosaur. Or a small pony. Or perhaps a Great Dane. He's the biggest dog we've ever seen come through our rescue! He's very handsome. However, he's also a big, dopey klutz -- right in the middle of the "clumsy adolescent stage" where he has no sense of where is body is or how strong he is.

Fortunately, his gigantic size is complimented by a great temperament. He's terrific with the older kids in his foster home. (We don't think he's a good match for homes with small kids or elderly family though because he's likely to accidentally plow them over.)

He's also great with other big dogs and loves to play with them. (Again, we'd worry about him stepping on small dogs by mistake, without even noticing them.) Since he's a youngster, he delights in rough-and-tumble play with another big dog. He plays nicely with two German Shepherds that are a little more than half his size. He is okay with cats but tends to pester them (which not all cats appreciate).

Despite his young age, he's remarkably lazy. He's happy to go for an easy walk or play, but going jogging is way too much work for him. He's a bit of a couch potato, which is very unusual for an adolescent dog.

Cooper loves to be pet and get attention. He's a "velcro dog" who wants to be with his person. In fact, he really doesn't enjoy being alone.

Because he's an adolescent, he does have a bit of mischief in him. If you leave your dirty laundry where he can find it, he will help himself to it. He means well, but he's a little...err...slow to learn. He's sometimes oblivious to training and takes a while to make the connections. He thus needs someone patient who doesn't mind a little mischief. He's not going to win any obedience competitions, but he really does have a heart of gold.