Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 3/19/2017
Name: Wiley
ID: #201701

Sex: M
Age: 9 months
Heartworm: N

Wiley is a youngster under a year old. He was reportedly born in June 2016. We think he's a Belgian Malinois (possibly purebred, or crossed with German Shepherd Dog). His body structure is typical of a Malinois: smaller and leaner than a GSD, very agile, and athletic.

Wiley is very sweet and affectionate with those he trusts. He likes to give kisses and follow his people around the house. He's also very playful -- and he loves toys.

Life was not good for Wiley before he came to our rescue. Someone scared the stuffing out of this sweet pup in his prior life, and now he's is a timid boy. It takes him a while to warm up to people, especially men and small kids. He would love to find a home with a single woman, or a couple with a man who will be patient in earning Wiley's trust. He would appreciate a quiet home, where people use soft voices, and there's not a lot of commotion. We don't think he's appropriate for a home with small kids (who tend to be loud when excited), though he would likely be okay with older, introspective kids.

Wiley absolutely loves other dogs. He is very playful and happily plays rough-and-tumble games with dogs. In fact, he draws confidence from other dogs. He needs a home where he would have a friendly, confident canine brother or sister as a role model. He's a submissive dog, so he will follow the other dogs' lead.

Wiley thrives with positive, rewards-based training. Given his past experiences, it's very important to continue this method of training in order to build up his self-esteem. His foster parents are already working on his leash training and basic commands.

Wiley is already house trained and crate trained. He prefers a plastic crate to a wire crate because he perceives it to be his "den." To him, it's a safe space to retreat, and he'll sometimes choose to hang out in there with the door open when he wants to chill out. He cheerfully hordes his toys inside it too.

Like any young Malinois, he needs regular exercise to draw down his puppy-energy. He's better behaved and happier after a long walk or play session. He would be a good running or walking buddy for someone with an active lifestyle. He also needs a "job" -- and basic obedience is Job One for this breed. As he's very smart and treat-motivated, he will be a joy to take through a positive-method obedience course. However, this breed is NOT appropriate for those with sedentary lifestyles, or anyone who doesn't have time for mental stimulation and professional training.

Wiley recently tested negative for heartworm disease and has been kept on prevention while in rescue. (However, we recommend retesting in 6 months due to his young age and the heartworm lifecycle.)

On the adoption application, please identify the professional trainer or class you plan to use -- we strongly recommend researching this before seeking to adopt a dog.