Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 11/12/2017
Name: Max
ID: #201710

Sex: M
Age: 3
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Max is a charming, adult, male Shepherd mix. We're told he's around 3 years old. Though he may not be a purebred German Shepherd, his heart is pure gold.

He's not a big dog -- he weighs only around 47 pounds.

Max would be a great choice for someone looking for their first dog, as he's an easy dog to live with. He would also be a fine dog for a senior or someone who needs a fairly calm, gentle dog. He's a mellow dog who is pretty happy with an easy-going walk for his daily exercise. He's not cut out to be an athletic running partner or an outdoor adventure seeker, but he'd love to snuggle up with you for a nap.

He's been friendly with all the people he's met. He also gets along very well with other dogs, large and small. Assertive, high-energy dogs intimidate him, but he loves the company of other low-key dogs. He appreciates people and dogs who return his quiet, gentle approach. He's also reported to get along with cats, and we're told that he previously lived happily with kids too.

Max enjoys toys and has a playful side. He's only just beginning to show it to us. He's affectionate and eager to please. He loves being inside the house with his people and appreciates attention and care. We would love for him to go to a home committed to positive-method obedience to build his self-confidence and his bond with his person. We think he would thrive with that approach and become deeply devoted to his person.

He enjoys car rides. He's already house trained. He is working on his crate training in his foster home, and he's making great progress.