Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 9/23/2017
Name: Logan
ID: #201712

Sex: M
Age: 8 months
Heartworm: N

Logan is an adorable, young, male German Shepherd Dog, estimated to be about 8 months old. He's still a big puppy, barely transitioning into adolescence. He seems to get more handsome with each passing month.

Logan is great with kids and other dogs. He loves being around them both. Loud kids playing are just fine with him, and he doesn't mind rough-and-tumble play with friendly dogs. Logan draws confidence from his older dog buddy, so he needs a home with another playful dog. (He is not available to be placed him as an "only dog.")

Logan lives with cats in his foster home, but he needs some guidance about not harassing kitties. He wants to chase and play with them. With supervision and direction, he will leave them alone though.

For a young dog, he is very polite and gentle. He learns very quickly, and he's eager to please. He's been learning some skills in his foster home, and he's now giving handshakes upon request. He will be a lot of fun to take through an obedience course!

For all his fun-loving spirit, he's a soft, tender soul. He's very submissive. His instinct is to submissively piddle around other dogs and people at first. This is a behavior that is fixed over time by building up a dog's self-esteem. He needs an adopter committed to positive reinforcement, patience, and gentleness with him.

Like any GSD puppy, Logan will explore and get into mischief if not supervised. He wants to be taught the right thing to do. He can be a little noisy, especially when his person leaves the house (he howls occasionally, but not for long). He may not be suited for apartment living, for that reason.

He's already crate trained. His house training is still a work in progress, but his foster home is helping him to learn.

Logan has tested negative for heartworms (but young dogs should be retested in 6 months, as false-negatives are always possible).