Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 7/30/2017
Name: Lady 2
ID: #201708

Sex: F
Age: 3
Heartworm: N

NOTE: There are currently two dogs named "Lady" with our rescue. Please specify that you are interested in "Lady 2" if you are interested in this dog!

Lady 2 is a 3-year-old, female, black-and-tan German Shepherd Dog. She is estimated to be 3 years old (a young adult in this breed).

She has a heart of gold. She loves to play (especially tugging games), and she is eager for affection. She enjoys having her coat brushed or doing anything involving touch.

She a extremely intelligent dog who would benefit from some additional training. She will be a joy to take through an obedience class, likely becoming the star of the class with just a little work. She already knows how to sit, and she responds well to verbal cues. She is house trained.

Lady 2 has been good with the kids she's met in her foster home. However, she's not a good choice for very young kids because her enthusiasm is likely to knock down little ones. We think that she would be fine with older kids, based on how she's done in her foster home.

She gets along well with other dogs and has lived with both large and small dogs in her foster home.