Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 7/4/2017
Name: Lady
ID: #201705

Sex: F
Age: 4 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

NOTE: There are currently 2 dogs with RSGSR named "Lady." Please specify that you are interested in "Lady 1" if you would like to adopt this dog!

Lady is a classic beauty--a black-and-tan, saddle-back German Shepherd Dog. She's a young adult -- estimated to be 3-4 years old (but possibly younger, based on her behavior).

Lady is a confident, strong girl. Her posture and demeanor is assertive. She's a female who means business, though she also has a playful side. She plays fetch and enjoys playing with other dogs.

She would do best with a handler who can match her confidence. She would be an excellent dog for someone with some breed experience who can bring out the best in her. (However, she would not be a good "first dog" for someone who is inexperienced or just starting out in learning about dog training--she's the sort of dog who will rule the roost if allowed to do so, but she's fantastic with good leadership.)

She is very affectionate and eager to show love to her person. She's the sort of dog who likes short bursts of cuddling, but not long, lazy snuggles.

Lady gets along wonderfully with the other female German Shepherd in her foster home. However, she cannot be placed in a home with small dogs or cats because she will chase them. She has high prey drive, and she loves the thrill of the chase--if it runs, she will follow. Although she hasn't hurt any smaller animals that she's chased, it's not a behavior we want her to practice in her forever home.

Lady is a high-energy dog. She likes to be busy, even around the house. She's not a couch potato, and she needs an outlet for her energy. She needs an adopter with an active lifestyle who wants a friend for outdoor adventures.

Lady has been good with all the people she's met. She is protective of her home and exceptionally smart. She will be a joy to take through an obedience course.

Lady is already house trained and crate trained.