Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 5/12/2018
Name: Kaiser
ID: #201711

Sex: M
Age: 7+ years
Heartworm: N

Kaiser is a stunning male German Shepherd Dog. He has a long coat with red pigment typical of West German show lines. It's very rare to find this color pattern in rescue! He's likely a middle-aged adult (probably 7+), but he acts like a younger dog. Unfortunately, we don't know his exact age and can do more than take a guess.

He's been good with the people he has met, but he can be protective of his home and person when he isn't sure of strangers' intentions. He loves to go for walks, and enjoys toys. He loves to lie next to his person and snuggle. He loves to be in a lap. He's a world-class cuddler and is happy to fall asleep cuddled close to his person.

He's very strong and likely to jump up and knock over small kids while playing. We thus don't think he's a good choice for toddlers, but older kids could be okay. He has started a little obedience work in his foster home and knows a few commands, but he would appreciate an adopter committed to completing a good obedience course to help him know the right thing to do.

He gets along with other dogs, and he's especially fond of friendly, small dogs (he's best buds with a Yorkie in his foster home). He's just a hint of an alpha male, but he tolerates obnoxious dogs when he has to. We think he needs another friendly dog buddy to be at ease. (We do not know how he is with cats, as there aren't any in his foster home.)

Kaiser passed his interview to hang out at Camp Bow Wow. That means he has access to day care and boarding in this dog-social environment. He doesn't like being home alone, but he likes being able to hang out with friends there!

He loves to ride in the car and would be happy to go anywhere with you. We think he would be a fantastic match for a single woman who'd like to feel protected -- he especially loves women, and he's got a wonderful, deep "all business" sentry bark.

He is already house trained.