Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/21/2017
Name: Holly
ID: #201706

Sex: F
Age: 3-4 years
Heartworm: N

Holly is a gorgeous female German Shepherd Dog. She's fairly large for a female (80 pounds). She has classic coloring and a regal stance that turns heads when she goes by. She's an adult likely around 3-4 years old (but possibly younger, as she still has some puppy-like behavior).

Holly has already completed her first basic obedience course, and she graduated first in her class! She's very smart and biddable. She thrives on rewards-based (positive) training techniques. She's already house trained.

She is playful and affectionate. She loves to snuggle with her favorite person, especially curling up together on the couch. She revels in attention, and she even likes being bathed and groomed.

Holly prefers human women, but she doesn't mind men if given time to warm up. Although Holly does not live with children, she has been fine with those whom she's met (she tends to ignore them).

Holly is an alpha-female -- she does not get along with other females or large dogs, but she is okay with tiny dogs. She's a bit of an "attention hog" too. She would do best in a home where she is the only dog.

She currently lives with cats and is fine with them.

She's a very confident, strong dog. She has displayed good judgment about protecting her foster home, barking only when there's something her human needs to notice. However, she needs a human who is strong and confident too, as she thrives with good leadership. She is not an ideal dog for a new dog owner, but she's a great dog for an experienced person who loves and appreciates the breed.

For all her beauty and wonderful personality, Holly had a rough time before she came to rescue. Before she came into rescue, she suffered a blunt-force injury, probably from being hit by a car. One of her front legs was injured, and she had some nerve damage. After multiple consultations with specialists, our rescue's vet came up with a treatment plan that worked wonders for this dog. Holly healed better than we ever expected and regained use of her leg.

Holly's limp has vanished, but she still has some arthritis in her elbow and shoulder from the now-healed injury. She's comfortable without needing pain medicine or medication now. She's pretty active and lives a normal life. She needs to stay lean, on good supplements with excellent nutrition.