Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 10/6/2016
Name: Zep
ID: #201625

Sex: M
Age: 2 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Zep is an all-black German Shepherd Dog. We think he looks like he's purebred--don't let his all-black coat fool you, as this color is a classic German Shepherd coat color.

He's young, probably just 2 years old (still an adolescent for this breed). He weighs around 70 pounds and is likely to fill out over the next year, as he reaches adulthood.

Zep is a wonderful dog for an experienced GSD person, looking for a blank slate to train. He has huge potential. Think of him as a diamond in the rough.

He loves to snuggle on the couch. He's very playful with other dogs (even little dogs). He tries to play with (and chase) cats, so one would need very dog-savvy cats to put up with his antics. He loves toys (especially plush toys), but he's still learning to distinguish between dog toys and other interesting objects he finds in the house.

Zep grew from puppyhood into his big adolescent body without anyone teaching him how to be a good dog, but he's made great progress in his foster home. He has already learned house manners in his foster home, and he's now crate trained and potty trained. He's also learned to take treats gently.

Zep really wants to please his person. When he does something wrong, he presses himself to the ground to say "sorry!"

Zep needs good, confident leadership. In the right hands, he will continue to blossom into an AMAZING dog. We do not believe he's suitable for a home with small kids, as he can be quite rough and mouthy when he plays...which is typical of a GSD puppy. He would likely be okay with older kids who can keep up with his rough-and-tumble play. For an active home with someone who is excited to start working on obedience training and seeing how far he can go, he's a real gem.