Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/12/2016
Name: Vada
ID: #201636

Sex: F
Age: 2 years
Heartworm: N

Vada is a petite, young, female German Shepherd dog. Our best guess is that she's probably between 1-2 years old (still an adolescent). She's a very special dog, looking for a very special person.

Vada's trust has to be earned, with patience and time. Once you earn it though, she's all yours. She loves her foster family and is comfortable in their home (she especially likes relaxing on their bed). However, she's not a brave girl. New people and new situations scare her. When she's nervous, she tends to lean her body against her person, deriving reassurance from being close.

She adores other friendly dogs. In fact, they help her feel more confident and secure about her environment. She takes cues from them and follows their lead. It's very important that she go to a home where she will have a dog-friend -- we will not place her in a home as an "only dog." We think she would do well with large or small dogs, and probably get along with kitties too.

Vada is also a great jogging buddy. She's likes going for an evening run with her person, and she's already developing very good leash manners. She also rides great in the car.

She's already crate-trained and house-trained. However, she can climb fences, so she should not be left unattended in a yard.

We have promised Vada a quiet, calm home. She's looking for a patient adopter who will understand that it will take her a while to warm up and give her trust, but that it will be worth it to put in that effort. She needs to be trained with positive methods to continue to boost her self-esteem. She's made incredible progress in the time she's been with her foster family, and we expect her to continue coming out of her shell, as her adopter keeps building her confidence with positive experiences.