Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 3/6/2016
Name: Schutz
ID: #201606

Sex: M
Age: 2 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Schutz is a handsome, male, all-black German Shepherd Dog. We believe he's young, perhaps around 2 years old. He appears to be purebred--all-black dogs are part of the breed-standard, and he's got beautiful structure. He's already neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on vaccinations.

He's very playful with other dogs. He's curious about cats in his foster home but gets along with them fine. He's been very calm and easy-going in inside the house.

Schutz would like to find a home where he has another large dog for company. He relies on the leadership and cues of other dogs to figure out what to do. He's learning how to behave and what to trust by learning from other dogs in his foster home, and we think they make his life easier and help him to feel secure. He seems to have not been exposed to much of the world in his prior life, so everything is brand new to him.

Schutz is affectionate and sweet with his people. He's a "soft" dog, which means he will melt with just a verbal correction. He would likely benefit from some positive training to build up his self-confidence. When he gets confused, he sometimes barks at new people or sounds that scare him--telling him "no" is enough to cause him to go down on his belly, as he tries to say "Oops! Sorry!"

He is already house-trained and crate-trained.