Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 4/22/2017
Name: Roger
ID: #201620

Sex: M
Age: 8 years
Heartworm: N

Roger is an adult male German Shepherd mix. He's small for a male at around 60 pounds, but he makes up for that with his big heart. Roger's age is a mystery. He may be over 7 years old, but he acts like a much younger dog. The vet guesses he's over 7 because of his teeth and some other factors, but living with Roger, we think he acts like a dog half that age. We can't say whether he's really a 4-5 year-old dog who just had a hard life or he's really 7. His adopter will just have to take the mystery with the dog.

He's a very special dog. When you look in his wise, soulful eyes, you can see life hasn't always been good to him, but he is very grateful for all the kindness that comes his way now. He's very eager to bond, and he wants very badly to be someone's beloved friend. He's desperate to please and follow his person around.

Whatever you're up for doing, he's game to participate. Riding in a convertible in a harness, with the top down? Check! Going for an early morning run before dawn? Check! Helping keep the kitchen floor clean while you make dinner? Check! Whatever it is, he knows it's going to be great if his person's by his side.

We have a feeling that Roger will become a once-in-a-lifetime "heart dog" for his special person, once he finds his forever home. He's energetic, loyal, and loving. He gives his whole heart to friendship. He has a zest for life -- he wakes up convinced that this is going to be the Best Day Ever.

Roger adores his people. If you sit on the floor, he'll crawl into his lap. He loves to press his head against his person to have it rubbed.

He loves going for walks, and he's terrific on a leash. He's a great jogging buddy. He pretty much loves doing anything as long as it's right next to his people. He rides well in a car too (and he LOVES a convertible). In the house, he's a constant companion who follows his people from room to room (a true "velcro" dog). He loves playing with other dogs too, though he can come on a little strong for shy dogs.

He thrives with positive training methods. He has a deep desire to please, and he's highly motivated by treats.

Roger is house-trained and crate-trained. He's an approved camper at Camp Bow Wow (which means he passed their temperament test for hanging out with other dogs there). He still has some unwanted behaviors like jumping and snatching treats that come from being overly enthusiastic, but he's making great progress.

Roger's attachment to his people stems from his understanding of how much better his life is now. We don't know much about his past, other than that he was in a house fire and had burns on his ears and tail, which have now healed. He also has a scar on his muzzle that appears to have been from someone binding his muzzle shut with rope or wire sometime in the past. That's all behind him now, and he cherishes each day in his new life as a loved dog in his foster home. He understands that he is a very lucky pup now and he constantly shows gratitude.

Roger is not available to be placed in a home with young kids.