Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 4/2/2016

Name: Moxie
ID: #201604

Sex: F
Age: 3 months
Heartworm: Unknown

Moxy is a female German Shepherd puppy, estimated to be around 14-16 weeks old. We can't say for sure whether she's purebred (since we don't know her parents), but she looks to us like she is at least mostly German Shepherd. In fact, she looks to us like she's probably got a lot of working-line GSD in her. We expect her to grow up to be the size of an average GSD female (65-75 pounds).

Despite her pint-sized appearance, Moxie is a "spit-fire" puppy. She's fearless, bold, and ready for anything. Even at her young age, she's already showing she's a bit of an alpha female with other dogs -- bossing around adult dogs 5 times her size.

Moxie loves toys. She's also very smart. She's already crate-trained, but she's still working on her house-training. She's already started the foundation of her basic obedience training in her foster home, but her adopter will be expected to continue that training in group classes with a professional trainer.

Raising German Shepherd puppies is a lot of work. They get into everything and put their mouths everywhere. They are not for inexperienced adopters looking for a "first dog." Given Moxie's confidence and personality, she requires an experienced GSD owner who understands how to work with a strong female GSD.

Please note: our rescue generally does not place young GSD puppies in homes with small kids because normal puppies mouth and knock over little ones with their rambunctious play. GSD puppies are called "landsharks" for a good reason. The adoption application should identify the trainer the adopter will work with.

Moxie is spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on her vaccinations and heartworm prevention.