Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 1/23/2016
Name: Lilly
ID: #201530

Sex: F
Age: 7 months
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Lilly is an adorable small 7-month-old White Shepherd with a touch of some smaller breed. This little dynamo only weighs 30 pounds and likely won't ever get much bigger than 40 pounds. She may even look like a Shepherd puppy forever!

Lilly gets along with dogs of all sizes -- from the big German Shepherds to the little Yorkie in her foster home, she wants to play with them all. She's an energetic puppy and can wear just about any dog out with her rambunctious play.

She has been friendly to all the people she's met too. She even enjoys the attention of the children at the local park. She seems to expect everyone she meets to be a new friend.

Lilly enjoys playing with toys. She's still very much a puppy. As is typical of this breed, she's still very "mouthy." This means she puts her mouth on everything (and everybody), exploring and nibbling. She needs a patient owner who will redirect her and continue working on this common puppy behavior.

She is already crate-trained. She also is progressing with house training, but she needs to continue working on giving a cue when she feels the urge. She would use a dog door, or could be trained to ring a bell.

Lilly would enjoy having a home with another dog-buddy to play with. She is looking for an active home with energy to match her and a commitment to continuing her obedience training. Shepherd puppies require patience, dedication, and time so that they can grow up reach their full potential.