Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/13/2016
Name: Jesup
ID: #201631

Sex: M
Age: 4 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Jesup is a very handsome, adult, male German Shepherd Dog. Our vet estimates that he's around 4 years old, though he often seems younger than that to us.

Jesup is looking for an adopter who has experience with the breed and who is committed to professional obedience training. He's a magnificent specimen of the breed, but he's not an appropriate "first dog." He exhibits leash reactivity to other dogs that can be worked through with a good trainer. His temperament is otherwise magnificent, so in experienced hands with good leadership, we believe he will be a real gem.

Jesup has been friendly with all the people he's met. He knows no stranger. He has met children of all ages, including a one year old. He's lived with energetic, fun-loving older kids, and he adored romping with them. He takes treats with a soft mouth, and is more than happy to roll over for a belly rub.

Jesup lives for his people. He's a "velcro dog" who needs to be near his family. Whether in the kitchen or the backyard, he will sidle right up to your leg and stare right into your eyes. You just feel the love.

He is a low energy dog inside the house. He loves to go for a walk, and is still in the process of learning leash skills. He is extraordinarily strong, so perfecting these skills through good training is important. Although he likes his walks with his person, he's not likely to be a good jogging buddy due to a small deformity in one of his front paws. A tiny bone grew at a slightly different rate than the bones around it so there's a small defect in how they all fit together. It requires no correction at this time, and it doesn't seem to bother him. It is hardly noticeable in his daily life (he has no limp and moves normally), but it is likely to keep him from being an athlete.

Unfortunately, Jesup was not well socialized with dogs before he came to us. Although he gets along great with the other dogs in his foster home, he reacts to meeting new dogs with lots of barking. He's very capable of enjoying the company of other dogs, but he needs a chance to get to know them and relax.

He is already house trained, as well as crate trained. He is seeking a cat-free home.