Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 10/9/2017
Name: Cheyenne
ID: #201627

Sex: F
Age: 2.5 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Cheyenne is a pretty black-and-tan female German Shepherd Dog. She's young (estimated between 2-3 years), and an adolescent transitioning into adulthood. She's around 60 pounds, making her a medium-sized female.

Cheyenne is an active dog looking for someone to give her a job and a purpose. She needs to be more than a pet. She loves to please and is highly biddable.

Cheyenne is an energetic girl with a very active mind. She's EXTREMELY smart -- even by the German Shepherd standard of smart dogs, she's off the charts in her problem-solving and relentlessness in staying on task. Unfortunately, without a job to channel this into, this can find expression in escape artistry -- she's a Houdini.

We think once she gets a job and a purpose, she will be able to channel her brain's talent into something productive and be an incredible dog. That might be learning scent discrimination, competitive trialing -- anything. In fact, she has the potential to be a candidate for a veteran in need of a PTSD dog -- if you know a vet in need, please put him or her in touch! (We have a partnership with a veteran service nonprofit organization that could potentially help with the adoption fee for a qualified veteran.)

Cheyenne is very friendly with adults, but we aren't sure about young kids. Older, calm kids might be okay. She's affectionate, gentle and loving in her foster home. She's shown us a very sweet disposition. She's also a velcro dog who must be next to her person. Nothing matters more to her than being with her person, and she hates being left alone.

She gets along fine with the other dog in her foster home, but she is developing some resource guarding behavior (esp. with other female dogs) and needs to be fed separately. We think she would prefer to be an only dog. "Bossy female" behavior with other dogs is pretty common among confident, smart GSD girls, so breed-experience would be a plus.

She rides well in the car. She's already got house manners in her foster home (including house training and crate training). (No cats, please -- she wants to chase the kitties!)