Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 8/24/2016
Name: Buckaroo
ID: #201626

Sex: M
Age: 3 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Buckaroo (a/k/a "Buck") is a young, adult male German Shepherd Dog. We estimate that he's around 3 years old. He weights between 70-75 pounds. He has a big, broad head (a trait that's typical of some East German and Czech lines), and a very thick coat.

Despite his imposing appearance, he's a big softie. You'll never be lonely with this dog in your life. Buck is a velcro dog who wants to follow his person around. He appreciates people who have a calm, gentle, kind demeanor. This is a dog who needs to feel loved and cherished, and he'll give that back to you a thousand-fold. (Buck cannot be placed with anyone who uses harsh training methods--he's a soft boy who needs a gentle leader.)

He is calm and mild-mannered. He has very good house-manners, and he tries hard to do the right thing. He never gets on the couches, tables, or bed. He also seems to know which toys are his, and he does not chew or investigate anything that is not his. He does not like being crated, though.

Buck would be a good first-dog to someone who is committed to positive training methods. He has been good with all the kids he has met, as well as good with other dogs. He's not a high-energy dog, so taking him for a daily walk is enough exercise to make him happy.