Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 8/7/2016
Name: Blitz
ID: #201617

Sex: M
Age: 2 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

It's Blitz! Blitz is a 2-3 year old male. He appears to be a plush-coated German Shepherd Dog.

Blitz loves everybody he's met. He's a friendly, charming dog. He also has excellent dog social skills with both large and small dogs. He knows how to play gently to help shy dogs feel comfortable romping with him. He can also hold his own with confident dogs who have a rough-and-tumble play style. He absolutely loves to run and play, so we would love to see him go to a home with a playmate.

He's also already got some foundation for basic obedience skills, including sit and down. He's already house trained. After romping, he calms down nicely in the house. He still has some puppy mischief in him, so he needs to be crated when left at home alone, and he benefits from having some chew toys to occupy him.

Blitz would be a great dog for someone who needs an easy dog, or a even a first dog, as long as one is committed to giving him structure and guidance. He's eager to please, and wants to be good (a quick verbal "ah ah" will get him to leave off anything he's doing and run to you). He loves to snuggle (in your lap, preferably). He also sits on his person's feet and leans back into their legs.

With an easy brush up on some obedience, he's the kind of dog you could take anywhere (to a dog-friendly work site, to dog parks, to patios of dog-friendly restaurants). He deserves a home that will take advantage of this special temperament and take him out and about!