Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 6/2/2016
Name: Blade
ID: #201614

Sex: M
Age: 2 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)
Adoption Fee: $250

Blade (otherwise known as "Buddy") is a beautiful, all-black male German Shepherd Dog. Don't let his all-black coloring fool you into thinking he's a mix: all-black dogs are part of the breed standard (and some of the best GSDs in the world are all-black).

He's estimated to be just 2 years old, which is still an adolescent in this breed. He's around 65 pounds, but he's young enough that he's likely to fill out and broaden some.

Blade is an easy-going dog. In fact, we think he would be a good "first GSD" for someone new to the breed.

His foster parents describe him as having one of the sweetest personalities they've every fostered. He's affectionate, and he likes to snuggle. In fact, he prefers affection to all other rewards--he would rather be pet by his person than chase squirrels, play, or eat.

He's cautious in new situations, but he's been great with all the kids he's met.

Blade loves to play with other the other dogs in his foster home. When he meets new dogs, he can play a little rough though (chasing and nipping, which not all dogs enjoy). It's thus important for his play style to be well-matched to the other dogs in the home. (We don't know how he is with cats, as there are none in his foster home.)

He's developing pretty good leash manners in his foster home. He would enjoy going through an obedience course, as he wants to please and know the right thing to do.

He's also already house trained and has good house manners. In fact, someone in his past must have taught him not to get on the furniture, as he's very respectful of the space.