Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/10/2016
Name: Bendi
ID: #201630

Sex: F
Age: 3 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Bendi is a beautiful, large female German Shepherd Dog. We estimate she's around 3 years old. She is large for a female, weighing over 85 pounds.

She's already house trained and loves to use a doggie door in her foster home. She's been very well behaved in her foster home and has excellent house manners.

Bendi loves to be next to her person. She's an enormous lap dog who enjoys snuggling. She follows her person happily around the house from room to room, making sure all is well.

This dog has an enormous about of love to give. She is quite content lying on her person's feet. She she does not like raised voices, so she appreciates people who have gentle personalities.

She loves the kids she's met. Children at the dog park love her and she lets them pat, rub and scratch her all they want. We think that she would enjoy living in a home with a child.

Bendi gets along well with other dogs (large and small). She plays with the other dogs in her foster home, and she enjoys her toys. She likes going to dog parks too.

She loves humans and makes new human friends easily. Bendi has made great strides in finding her self-confidence in her foster home.

Bendi is unusual for a German Shepherd because she doesn't bark much. She can bark, but it doesn't come out often. If you're looking for an intimidating guard dog, she's not the dog for that job. She prefers her human to be in charge of keeping her safe.

Bendi has a rough past, but she's not looking back. She's a happy, confident, loving dog now. We thus insist that any home she go to be committed to continuing to train her using positive methods because they work so well for her -- absolutely no force-based corrections (because they've already been misused in her past). She thrives with positive reinforcement.