Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 7/9/2016
Name: Ace
ID: #201621

Sex: M
Age: 2-3 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)


Meet Ace -- as in Ace of Hearts! He is a spectacular young male who appears likely to be from Czech working lines. He is not a large male at just 65 pounds, but he has the massive head, heavy build, and straight back typical of some working line dogs. We believe he's only 2-3 years old.

He's a lot of dog, but for someone experienced with the breed, he's quite a prize to find in rescue. He would thrive with an experienced owner to bring out his full potential. We would particularly like to place him in a home that wants to do a dog sport, competitive obedience, or any other job to bring out the best in him. However, it is important for his adopter to commit to training him with positive methods because we can see that someone in his past trained him with too heavy a hand, and he needs to learn to trust that he won't be hurt by humans ever again. (A trainer reference on the adoption application is requested. He is not an appropriate dog for a "first time" German Shepherd owner.)

Despite his imposing presence, Ace is a big baby when the thunder comes. He doesn't like loud noises and sticks close to his person when he hears them. He finds the presence of his person reassuring.

Ace is aloof with new people. He's not a cuddler, but he is a "velcro dog" who likes to stay near his person though and enjoys some soft pets.

Ace has great ball drive -- he loves, loves, loves to fetch his balls. He's medium energy (not extremely hyper, but not a couch potato either). He's still young and curious, and he will chew on household items if he doesn't have an appropriate item of his own to chew on.

Ace does not have high "prey drive," which is fairly rare for this kind of dog. He did not chase the cats he saw nearby at the shelter--he looked at them curiously, but he let them be. He's also doing very well living with cats in his foster home.

He's been friendly to everyone he's met (adults and kids). He's an adventurous dog who likes to go places, and he enjoys riding in cars. In fact, when he was found stray, he cheerfully hopped in the police car of the officers who found him, ready to go! Unfortunately, his adventursome spirit and sharp intellect make him an escape risk: he will take any open door or gate as an opportunity to take off, and he's smart enough to open baby-gate latches to explore the house. (This dog requires a 6' privacy fence with a padlocked gate. He will not be placed in a home that lacks secure fencing.)