Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/9/2015
Name: Trinity
ID: #201517

Sex: F
Age: 8-12 months
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Trinity appears to be a purebred German Shepherd Dog. She's under a year old (8-9 months), just barely an adolescent.

Trinity is a tripod. One of her legs had to be amputated due to a bad break after she was hit by a car, before she came into rescue. It has healed beautifully, and she's expected to live a happy, pain-free life now.

She's adjusted to moving around on three legs like a champ. She runs and romps just like a normal dog for her age. She loves playing with other friendly dogs, and she can hold her own with them.

Trinity gets along great with cats, and with all the people she's met. She's a friendly, happy pup.

She's looking for a home that will give her a normal life, full of fun and adventure. She doesn't think she's missing anything, and neither should her adopter. She's perfect, just as she is.