Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 7/19/2015
Name: Sunshine
ID: #201510

Sex: F
Age: 6 months
Adoption Fee: $300

Sunshine is appears to be a white German Shepherd puppy around 6 months old. She earned her name honestly: she is friendly and playful with a sunny disposition. We think she'll likely be between 50-60 pounds when fully grown.

Sunshine loves to play with other friendly dogs. She has displayed excellent dog social skills. She has also been terrific with the small kids she's met out in the community.

She's crate trained and learning house manners in her foster home.

This charming girl is looking for an active home with people who understand that German Shepherd puppies require training, daily exercise, and lots of patience to help them grow up to be well behaved, well socialized adults.

All GSD pups are mouthy, chew on inappropriate things like shoes and pillows (and their people's toes...), and they all make messes. Redirection, consistent, positive training, and exercise help them learn the right thing to do. They grow up to be phenomenal dogs through the investment of time to shape their behavior.