Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 6/22/2015
Name: Stitch
ID: #55179

Sex: M
Age: 4 months

Stitch is ready to find his forever home! This playful cutie looks to be between 12-16 weeks old. He's just started losing his baby teeth to make room for his adult teeth.

Like any GSD pup his age, he's full of energy, curiosity, and spunk. He's looking for a home that has the patience, experience, and dedication to raise him to be a well-socialized, well-trained dog. He has a high energy level, so he is looking for an active home that will enjoy frequent walks.

Stitch has been very friendly to all the people he meets. He's enjoying living with other dogs in his foster home too and loves to romp with them. He's confident, affectionate and eager to please. He loves to jump in a lap to snuggle with people and give sweet puppy kisses.

He's already crate trained, and he's even house trained in his foster home.

He's learning to walk beautifully on leash. He's also already mastering sit, down, and stay, thanks to the diligent work of his foster parents. He's very smart and needs to keep learning throughout his life.

Like a toddler with canine teeth, *all* GSD pups are mouthy, chew on inappropriate things like shoes and pillows (and their people's toes...), until they know better. All puppies also make messes. Redirection, consistent, positive training, and exercise help them learn the right thing to do. They grow up to be phenomenal dogs through the investment of time to shape their behavior.