Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/3/2015
Name: Riley
ID: #201525

Sex: F
Age: Young
Heartworm: N

Riley is a petite, pretty female. She's barely 2 years old, still an adolescent for this breed. We believe she's likely a purebred German Shepherd Dog (though depending on whom you ask, some people see Malinois features in her). Either way, she's a magnificent dog.

Riley has been friendly and affectionate with all the humans she's met while in rescue -- including kids. She seems to really enjoy being around kids and likes to play with them. She's affectionate and quick to offer up her tummy for belly rubs.

She gets along well with some easy-going dogs her size, but she sometimes can be bossy with other dogs and may get into tiffs with other alpha dogs. We thus believe she should either be an only-dog or live with an easy-going, sociable dog. She loves to engage in rough-and-tumble play with that kind of easy-going dog. She enjoys playing with toys, and she's very social. Riley needs to be placed in a home with no kitties, as she does not care for them.

Riley is very intelligent. She learns quickly and eagerly. She's learning her leash manners in her foster home, though her adopter will be expected to continue her training. She is a natural athlete. Her petite frame and athleticism would be ideally suited to agility training.

Riley is best suited to an experienced home that can provide good leadership.

Riley is already house-trained and crate-trained. She recently tested negative for heartworms.