Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 2/10/2016
Name: Piper
ID: #201526

Sex: F
Age: 1 year
Heartworm: N

Piper is a young female who is under a year old (she's believed to be about 9 months old). She's barely an adolescent, not yet even fully grown. She appears to be a German Shepherd with a touch of another breed, perhaps Malinois.

She's a fun-loving puppy. In fact, she'd be happy to play all day. She enjoys romping with other dogs. She appears to have good doggie social skills.

Like any young dog, she's curious about the world and eager to get into mischief. She also has the energy of a puppy and is ready to go-go-go. Like any Shepherd pup, she's still mouthy and needs an adopter who has the patience to help her work on that through redirection. Due to her mouthiness, we think she's not well suited to a home with small children, as little ones sometimes don't appreciate the way rowdy young dogs play. However, she's been very friendly and playful with older kids who appreciate her rambunctious, goofy antics.

Piper has been very good walking with her person. She's working on learning the foundation for her obedience in her foster home, but her adopter will be expected to commit to continuing that work to help her reach her full potential.

German Shepherd puppies require a serious commitment to helping them grow up to be amazing dogs. They need extra patience and time. Piper would love to find an active adopter who will give her lots of exercise and take her on outdoor adventures to give her an outlet for her energy.

Piper is already house trained and crate trained.