Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 10/7/2015
Name: Pearl
ID: #201518

Sex: F
Age: 5
Heartworm: N

Pearl is an adult female German Shepherd estimated to be 5 years old. She's a medium-sized for the breed, around 65 pounds.

Pearl is already leash-trained, house-trained, and crate-trained. She also already has a foundation in basic obedience training. She has excellent house manners and is used to be an indoor dog. She's a very intelligent dog who loves to please. She's affectionate and gentle, with a friendly disposition.

Pearl gets along with other dogs, as well as cats, and kids. She can be possessive of her toys, so we recommend she go to an experienced home willing to work on that.

Pearl has tested negative for heartworms. Unfortunately, her hip conformation is not ideal, so she gets regular medicine to help her feel her best (her medicine can be administered at home for about $120 every 12 weeks). She's not a match or someone who wants an athletic running partner, but she's a great walking buddy for someone who wants an easy-going companion.