Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 2/21/2015
Name: Nadia
ID: #52533

Sex: F
Age: 2
Heartworm: N

Nadia's a gorgeous, young female, likely around 2 years old. She tested negative for heartworm disease.

She's a powerhouse of energy. She still has the goofy playfulness of a puppy, although she's now a big girl. She adores her tennis ball, and she's always up to go for a car ride.

Nadia would do best in an experienced home that understands "drive" in a German Shepherd. This girl needs a "job" to channel all her energy and enthusiasm, and she will likely blossom into an incredible dog with the right handler.

She appears to have once had some obedience training, though it's rusty. She's working on remembering it and learning to focus on her person. She's been very good on a leash in her foster home, so she'd be a great jogging buddy. She needs an active home that will enjoy spending lots of time exercising, playing, and working with Nadia.

Nadia's exuberance is likely to knock over small children, so she would do best in home with adults or older kids. We prefer to place her in a cat-free home, as she will chase kitties.