Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 1/22/15
Name: King
ID: #53108

Sex: M
Age: 5
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

King is about 5 years old. King is already house trained and crate trained, and ready for his forever home.

He has just the right amount of energy. He loves to chase a ball. He's very intelligent and would love to have someone challenge his brain. In his foster home, King has shown a level-headed disposition.

King has been excellent with young kids in his foster home, and he gets along well with other large dogs. He can be a little possessive of toys with other dogs, so we prefer not to place him with small dogs. He will respect an "alpha cat" who stands up to him, but he may chase cats that run.

King is trying to slim down because his former owner allowed him to get a little "portly." In this breed, we urge our adopters to keep their dogs lean -- it's better for every GSD's hips and elbows to not be carrying around extra weight over their lives. King is looking for an adopter who will commit to a keeping him at a healthy weight, with reasonable exercise.

King's easy-going disposition would make him a good choice for someone looking to adopt their first GSD.

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