Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 4/30/2015
Name: Etta
ID: #52741

Sex: F
Age: 5 months

Meet Etta, a sweet RSGSR pup looking for her forever home! Etta's about 5 months old. She still needs to grow into her gigantic ears, but we expect she'll likely end up as a fairly petite female in the 50-60 pound range.

Etta's personality is all about being a fun-loving puppy -- she is very playful, loving, and affectionate. She loves playing with other friendly dogs. She's very affectionate and loving with people too. (We don't know how she is with cats.)

Like any Shepherd pup, she will need a good, positive obedience course to help her grow up to to be the best dog she can be. She's very smart and eager to please. She's already got great leash manners, and loves to go walking. She enjoys car rides and delights in playing with toys.

She's crate trained, and she's working on her house training. (She does her best to wait to be taken outside, but since she's a young pup, she can't hold it as long as an older dog.)