Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 6/25/2015
Name: Drake
ID: #201505

Sex: M
Age: 6
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Drake is a gorgeous, 6-year old, male German Shepherd. He's a stunningly handsome dog, in the prime of his life.

As is typical of the breed, Drake is aloof when he meets strangers. Drake seems to especially love men. He is fine with women and has bonded with his foster mom, but he really hopes to have a "daddy" adopt him.

Drake walks wonderfully on a leash. He's not a high-energy dog, so a gentle daily walk around the neighborhood is enough to keep him very happy.

We think he might have once had some basic obedience training, but it was a long time ago -- he's trying to remember, and we're trying to help him.

Drake seems to have had a rough life before coming to the rescue. We think he spent a lot of time confined, as he's afraid to explore open spaces outside. He prefers to be leashed up to walk outside. He would thus be a fine dog to have in a condo or other situation without much of a yard -- he's not interested in exploring a yard, as he prefers to be on leash, next to his person.

Drake generally lacks self-confidence and looks to his person for leadership. He is unsure about new things (places, sounds, etc.). That's something a positive-method obedience course would likely help him with. As he feels better about knowing the right thing to do in new situations, and trusting his person to lead him through new surroundings, we expect his self-confidence to soar. Due to his past, Drake would get anxious when crated or when his people left him, but with patience and a consistency, his foster mom now has him going into his kennel willingly.

Drake is doing great with the other dogs in his foster home. He needs a slow introduction to new dogs, but once he realizes they mean no harm, he gets along well. Drake has lived successfully with kids in the past, and we think he would do best with older kids (10+) in a quiet, mellow home. No cats.