Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/6/2015
Name: Dalton
ID: #201521

Sex: M
Age: 1 year
Heartworm: N

Dalton appears to be a plush-coated white German Shepherd. He's estimated to be just 10-12 months old -- barely an adolescent. He's around 45 pounds currently. He has soft, luxurious coat that invites snuggling! He enjoys being close to his people and being sweet.

Dalton lives to play. He loves toys and especially balls, and he knows how to fetch. He enjoys playing with children, though like any young Shepherd he can be mouthy and rowdy. As he can be mouthy and jump up on people when he plays, we do not recommend him in a home with very small children.

Dalton is still working on learning leash manners and basic obedience. He requires an adopter committed to working on his training so that he can blossom into a fantastic, well-trained dog.

Dalton has recently recovered from having a broken leg when he was hit by a car, before coming into rescue. A wonderful vet helped him heal. He's now running and playing like a champ, but his leg may never be 100%. He needs a family that can devote time to continuing to help him with rehab exercise (taking him for walks).

Dalton tested negative for heartworms.