Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 8/15/2015
Name: Blaze
ID: #201512

Sex: F
Age: 2
Heartworm: N
Adoption Fee: $300

Blaze is a young, female German Shepherd Dog with a gorgeous, expressive face. We believe she is under a year old. She appears to have a plush-coat that someone cut short for summer, but we expect it eventually to grow back long and fluffy.

This baby girl has a very sweet personality. She is an affectionate dog who loves to snuggle with her foster family. She loves to be in her person's lap. Like many GSDs, she is very vocal and likes to "talk."

Blaze plays well with the other dogs in her foster home. She enjoys toys and romping with other big dogs. She is curious about cats but has not show aggression to them.

She has been learning good house manners in her foster home. She is house-trained, and lets her foster parents know when she needs to go out.

She is also already crate trained.

Blaze recently tested negative for heartworms.