Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/3/2015
Name: Bianca
ID: #201524

Sex: F
Age: 2-3 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Bianca is a young German Shepherd female estimated to be around 2 years old.

She is affectionate and loving with her people. She enjoys being on the sofa and snuggling. However, she's very protective so we do not recommend placing her in a home with young kids.

Bianca still has the heart of a puppy in that she's full of mischief and curiosity. She's still learning boundaries in her foster home and has a tendency to get into things and "borrow" objects that don't belong to her. In fact, she likes to hoard interesting "treasures" in the back of her crate.

She enjoys chasing toys, but she hasn't quite decided fetch--she's much more interested in holding onto the object.

Bianca is already house-trained and crate-trained. However, she needs an adopter committed to continuing to offer patient guidance on her house manners and willing to take her through a good obedience course.

This sweet girl is a diamond in the rough. She's great company, but she requires an experienced adopter to help her reach her full potential.

Bianca is bossy and jealous of other dogs, so we think she'd prefer to be the only princess in the house. She must go to a cat-free home.