Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 10/14/2015
Name: Baby & Pepper
ID: #201508, 201509

Sex: F
Age: 4
Heartworm: Y/N (in treatment)

Baby is available to be adopted together with her friend "Pepper," a tiny Shih-Tzu. They came from the same home and ended up in rescue after their person passed away. They've experienced enough loss and deserve to not lose each other. Adoption applications for either Baby or Pepper individually will NOT be considered at this time -- they need an adopter willing to love them both.

Baby appears to be a magnificent sable German Shepherd Dog -- likely from working-lines based on her beautiful color and structure. She's reported to be around 4 years old, a young adult.

She's a large female, weigh in around 74 pounds. Given her size, she can be a bit clumsy. (We thus do not recommend that Baby go to a home with tiny children who could be knocked over by accident.)

Baby is very affectionate with people and loves being petted, rubbed and brushed. She especially loves a good belly rub.

When she gets excited, she jumps straight up and tries to spin mid-air. Baby is a very smart girl and has learned many words around the house ("eat," "greenie time," "car," "walk," etc.). We believe that she has had obedience training in the past as she knows and responds positively to basic commands such as sit, lay down, stay and come. Her adopter will be expected to refresh her obedience training with a good class, as working-line Shepherds need a job, and obedience training should be "job one" for these dogs.

Baby loves car rides anywhere but she's athletic enough to jump out the window of a parked car if given a chance.

Pepper appears to be a purebred Shihtzu. She's reportedly around 4 years old, and she recently tested negative for heartworms. She weighs only 11 pounds.

She loves to cuddle on someone’s lap and basks in attention. If fact, she is almost always curled up with one of her foster parents, or with her dog-friend, Baby, or one of the other dogs in the home.

Pepper stands up to the big dogs if they get too fresh and loves playing with other dogs. She enjoys playing with a ball and enjoys toys. She is very good at the dog park with other dogs her size or larger and with strangers.

Pepper can be very vocal especially if someone comes to the door. No one will sneak up on her owner!

Baby and Pepper ought to be the only dogs in the household. Baby likes to be "in charge" with other dogs, so she and her friend Pepper would prefer to not have to share their human's attention.

Baby and Pepper are completely house trained, spayed, and up-to-date on their vaccinations.